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Being one of the most promising newcomers on the House music scene, Ozzie London is a name you will soon become very familiar with. After only being in the music business since late 2016, this UK artist can look back on numerous quality releases on well established record labels.

Whether it’s his bass-heavy sound, energetic DJ sets, or his good vibe, the future looks very bright for this new talent. With his name steadily growing in the industry, as well as receiving remix requests and getting radio play, you can definitely look forward to many more quality productions and DJ sets from Ozzie London. 

2018 has so far been a great year for Ozzie. Some of the highlights include having his first gig in Ibiza, his release on Somn'thing Records “The Most” being supported by the likes of DJ S.K.T, Lost Frequencies, EDX, as well as it being played on various podcasts and radio stations including KissFM’s KissFresh. Ozzie rounded off the year by having his collab with SolarTrak "Never Over You" aired on BBC Radio. 

Starting 2019 with a bang, Ozzie has already received support from a Sony Music curated playlist on Spotify for his latest release “Someone Else.” He will also be making his debut at the world-famous Ministry of Sound in London and will continue to release new music in the coming months.

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Let There Be House Records
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Vamos Music
Housesession Records
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